No matter where you are in your fertility journey, being mindful of your reproductive health and hormone function is important! This means also being aware of the personal care products you're using to ensure they do not include chemicals that may interfere with your natural hormone function and even potential fetal development.

We hear you on how confusing it is to navigate the beauty products landscape. Too many mainstream makeup products on the market today contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC's). As a conscious consumer, it’s frustrating to see conflicting information about the safety of ingredients in cosmetics (and greenwashing with sustainability - but that's a different topic!). Especially for those focused on reproductive health and trying to reduce the toxin load in various areas of their life, it shouldn’t have to be this time-consuming to screen ingredient labels! Our Founder, Michelle Calderon, knows these struggles – that is why she wanted to create the first makeup brand to make it it's mission to be free of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, helping people look and feel beautiful through key life stages such as for fertility, pregnancy, and nursing, without worrying about toxic chemical exposures from their makeup!

Meet Our Founder: Michelle

"After speaking with many women, it’s clear that there is a need for conscious and quality makeup formulations created to be safer for reproductive health and hormone function, which at it's core means absolutely no endocrine disrupting chemicals. Especially when preconception planning or during pregnancy, physicians will advise their patients to reduce stress, make exercise adjustments, and eat more nutritiously, but conversations around using cosmetics without endocrine disrupting chemicals or other harmful chemicals is often left out!"
"The average U.S. woman uses 12 personal care products per day, which is approximately 168 chemicals, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). There is enough of a risk here to have cumulative exposure to those harmful chemicals that should be avoided during pre-conception and pregnancy, increasing the risk of birth defects or reduced fertility rates. And there is data to show that endocrine-disrupting chemicals can pass from mother to newborn during breastfeeding, so it's important to still be mindful of the ingredients in cosmetics during this time as well. It’s never too early to start making healthier and safer changes to your personal care beauty routine for your natural endocrine function and fertility.”
Michelle received her MBA from Northeastern University and began creating Addition Beauty while completing her studies. She worked in the cosmetics industry as a color cosmetic chemist in the early part of her career. Michelle’s diversified work experience includes a previous entrepreneurial venture, technical software sales role and senior position in corporate finance. Her love for science meshed with business and creativity allowed her to come up with an innovative solution, where women can finally have a go-to, nontoxic, EDC-free lipstick that's safe for their reproductive health.