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We're here to empower you with nontoxic, high-performing makeup and the knowledge to select safer personal care products throughout your hormonal health journey - fertility, pregnancy, nursing, and beyond - without having to compromise your beauty.

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the must have bundle

The Everyday Lipstick Bundle Set (3 in 1)

Addition Beauty

The Everyday Lipstick Bundle Set (3 in 1)


nontoxic and EDC-FREE lipstick

Why we should care

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC's) are in many mainstream cosmetics. Studies have shown links between EDC's and reduced fertility rates, birth defects, and certain cancers.*

While EDC's may be found in some household products, plastics, food packaging, pesticides, and may even be in the air we breathe and the water we drink, one way to reduce exposure to EDC's can be to swap your makeup to one that is completely free of EDC's.

Some of the many chemicals we AVOID using in our products:
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals • Phthalates • Petrochemicals (PEGs) • Artificial fragrances • Parabens • Synthetic colorants • BHA • BHT • Ethanolamines • Talc • Benzophenone • Phenoxyethanol • Triclosan • Siloxanes

If you're looking to choose cleaner and safe makeup, Addition Beauty is a great place to start by switching your current lipstick to one that is free of EDC's!


our first product: lipstick

Why focus on lips?

For one, they are sensitive and absorbent, and there is a high likelihood of ingesting small amounts during wear. Most lipsticks on the market contain synthetic colorants such as FD&C / D&C dyes and aluminum lakes, which may be contaminated with heavy metals. This can have negative effects on reproductive and development disorders, leading to health risks such as cancer, memory loss, mood swings, neurological problems, and more. Especially when it comes to reproductive health - namely, fertility, pregnancy, and nursing - we want to be sure to steer clear of these synthetic colorants in our products.

We’re not advocating for eating our lipstick, but isn’t it great to have peace of mind knowing that Addition Beauty lipstick is hormone-safe and EDC-free? And you can wear your lipstick with confidence!


Our values we stand by

Hormone-safe. Cruelty-free. Sustainability-focused.

HORMONE-SAFE: If you want to choose nontoxic, EDC-free makeup, you should be able to. But why is it so hard to find a makeup brand like this?! Cue: Addition Beauty. We are the first makeup brand to formulate our products by intentionally not including any endocrine disrupting chemicals ever! To make it even better, our lipstick formula is power-packed with premium superfood extracts and many plant-derived ingredients!

CRUELTY-FREE: We do not, and will never, test on animals. Here at Addition Beauty, we are HUGE animal lovers!

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUSED: We sourced only the best ingredients! We also intentionally picked ingredients which may have various key attributes and certifications such as: Palm RSPO, organic, ISO Natural, COSMOS/ECOCERT, vegan, EWG (1-2) rating, Halal certified.

We wanted to start our brand off on the right foot and have made conscious, sustainable decisions around packaging and sourcing. We strive to continue making all aspects of our supply chain sustainable - from sourcing ingredients to packaging materials to shipping our products to you - a priority.


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